St Petersburg University will present its educational programmes at the exhibition of ‘a2 International Education Fairs Inc.’, which will be held on 11 October in Ankara and 13-14 October in the European part of Istanbul.

Visitors will be able to ask questions to representatives of the University and receive all the necessary information about the Bachelor degree, Specialist degree, Master degree programmes as well as Postgraduate programmes, and about competitions and admission rules in 2019. Anna Antonets and Milena Mikhina will answer the applicants' questions at the St Petersburg University's Office for the Organisation of Foreign Citizens Reception.

The number of foreign students at St Petersburg University is increasing every year: last autumn, about two thousand people from more than 45 countries became St Petersburg University students. Education in the oldest university in Russia was chosen by citizens of Singapore and Vietnam, Colombia and Tunisia, Italy and Japan and other countries. The total number of foreign students was 9.99% of the total number of university students.

We invite all comers to visit the stand of St Petersburg University!

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