List of the required documents for application:

  1. application form for an educational program of the relevant level, stated by an Admission Committee;
  2. educational certificate/diploma* (or its notarized copy) and its transcript (in case it is provided by the legal system of a foreign state that issued the certificate/diploma);
  3. copy of identity document;
  4. copy of entry visa to the Russian Federation (if there is one);
  5. copy of migration card;
  6. "Stay Regulations for Foreign Citizens in Russian Federation" signed;
  7. 4 (four) photographs 3z4 sm.

How to apply:

  1. To register at the Personal Account on the website of Admission Office;
  2. To fill an application form for an educational program;
  3. Signed application with other documents submit by one of the following ways:
    • attach at the Personal Account,
    • in person,
    • by post.

Deadline for application in 2017:

  • April 01 - August 10: for applicants not requiring an entry visa
  • April 01 - July 08: for applicants requiring an entry visa

Periods for the admissions tests in 2017:

  • May 5 – 19;
  • June 15 – 30;
  • July 13 – 22;
  • August 03 – 17.

*The educational certificate needs to be

  • legalized if required
  • recognized in the Russian Federation (to have either a recognition certificate or an equivalence certificate if required)

List and forms of admissions tests:

Перечень и формы проведения вступительных испытаний


If you want to join Russian language courses first in order to improve your language skills, please, see information here:


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Admission is possible all over the year. Tuition fee may vary with the reference to the program you want to join.

SPbU International Admissions Office (for all questions and additional information):

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