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How to submit your documents

  1. Register for a Personal Account  through the SPbU Admissions Committee website
  2. Fill in, print and sign your application for admission to one or several educational programmes (no more than three programmes)
  3. Submit your signed application and the supporting documents electronically through your Personal Account

The list of required documents

  • an application for admission to an educational programme of the appropriate level in the format established by the Admissions Committee (filled in upon registration for the Personal Account)
  • Consent of the Candidate to Personal Data Processing, Transmission and Storage
  • an application form for admission within the quota (filled in block letters and provided with a colour photo)

Application deadlines for academic year 2024/25 — from November 15, 2023, to February 23, 2024
Lists of applicants who have successfully passed the admissions tests (competitive selection of documents) will be published on the official SPbU website on or prior to 15 March 2024.
1The filled in questionnaire signed by the applicant must be scanned and uploaded through the applicant's Personal Account. Only St Petersburg University must be specified in Clause 26 thereof. Do not fill in Clauses 31 and 32.
2In accordance with articles,, of the Regulations for an Open Competition, applicants may submit a statement from an educational organisation implementing educational programmes of the required level, where the applicant is studying at the moment of their submission of the application for competition. Upon receipt, a copy of the final educational credential and supplements thereto must be uploaded via the applicant’s Personal Account.

  • a copy of your identity document. Please note that the applicant’s passport should be valid for at least 18 months after the beginning of the planned study period.
  • a medical certificate confirming the absence of medical contraindications against studying in the Russian Federation as well as the absence of all types of hepatitis and tuberculosis
  • a medical certificate on the absence of the HIV virus and AIDS
  • certificates confirming the undertaking of medical examinations (for Specialist’s degree programmes '31.05.01 General Medicine', '31.05.03 Dental Medicine' and '33.05.01 Pharmacy' and Bachelor's degree program 34.03.01 ‘Nursing’)
  • educational credential and supplements prepared according to the rules
  • photo 3×4 cm
  • documents for the portfolio competition

Degree programmes and admissions test


SPbU Admissions Office for International Applicants:

Address: 13b Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, St Petersburg, 199034, Russia

Telephone: +007 (812) 363-66-33


Working hours:  Monday – Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM